Causes of Water Hammering in Pipes

Supplier: Pressure and Safety Systems By: ARI-Armaturen
28 April, 2015

Water hammering is caused by strong pressure pulses or surges which occur in fluid-conducting pipes. A basic distinction is drawn between hydraulic water hammer and thermal water hammer.

The stresses on the pipes, valves and apparatus can be so high that the equipment concerned is damaged – or in extreme cases actually bursts.

Water hammer in valves - solutions to improve stability

Before effective measures can be taken to combat this problem, it is important to analyse exactly which kind of water hammer is involved and what causes it. Yet no matter how carefully a facility is planned and constructed, the risk of pressure surges cannot always be completely ruled out, particularly if the plant is modified or extended or the operating mode changes frequently. If the plant components are designed with sufficient stability, half the battle is won.

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