Case Study: underpinning concrete foundation for remedial builder

Supplier: Antec Engineering
16 June, 2015

LINK Building is a prominent remedial builder specialising in underpinning, slab jacking and various technical projects involving ground stabilisation and foundation remediation. A machine to be utilised for underpinning, slab jacking, general concrete pumping and block fill work was required.

Project objective

The process of underpinning is to stabilise and strengthen the foundation, in this case eroded by water ingress from a garden bed. The existing foundation was dug and deeper piles bored to distribute the load of the slab across a new concrete foundation. The project involved pumping 25mpa concrete a distance of 30 metres to create a new concrete foundation and eliminate the risk of further damage.

The Antec solution

The REED A30HP machine was selected for its versatility, ease of use, simplicity and reliability. The machine was set up with appropriate steel pipe, hose and clamps and competency training was provided by Antec over a two day period. The machine will be towed across the Goulburn Valley Region behind an ISUZU 2T Tipper to pump grouts, concrete and cementitious products into difficult access areas.