Case study: Smartcool Systems Inc ECO3

Supplier: Tiller Scientific + Medical
31 March, 2010

Smartcool Systems Inc. is an advanced energy conservation solutions company that specialises in energy and cost reduction technologies, for the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry.

Tiller Scientific+Medical’s objective was to create a product that would have a very short installation time, integrate and create a product software platform that would be totally compatible, with all known and future iterations of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. The product also needed UL, CE and RoHS compliance whilst following sustainable design practises.

Concept Sketch


Tiller Scientific+Medical worked closely with Smartcool to understand the constraints relating to the product architecture – particularly regarding their green technology. The design needed to reflect the sophistication of the technology, yet be robust enough for outdoor environments.

Careful handling of design details and materials resulted in a cohesive and refined system.

An iterative process of concept sketch development, concept models and prototyping took place to provide the basis for verification testing and to ensure the correct performance could be achieved within the design.

Tiller Scientific+Medical used 3D CAD to develop and refine the industrial design concurrently with the hardware electronics and software development from which the product was ultimately produced. All software and electronics were developed by Tiller Scientific+Medical.

Through quality assured design, engineering and prototype verification, Tiller Scientific+Medical was able to deliver an intelligent system to the market that is an integral part of Smartcool’s business.

CAD Development


The ECO3 has been designed to reduce the environmental impact, lower running costs and increase compressor life in air conditioning and refrigeration. The product achieves a reduction in electricity consumption of 15-25% in air conditioning and cooling plants.

The product itself has been designed following sustainable design practice, the enclosure can be put back into the plastics recycling stream and the electronics will not contribute to heavy metal pollution at the end of life.

The product is currently being distributed throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia to clients such as Woolworths, Big W, Coles Myer, K Mart, Target, Tesco, Marks & Spenser, Lidl Supermarkets, Notrica Market and McDonalds.