Sydney Olympic Park
Sydney Olympic Park

"We would not know what to do if we didn’t have MEX," says Allan Pollock, Facilities Manager of the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre.

Simplot Australia is part of the International company JR Simplot and was founded in Australia in 1995.The Simplot Ulverstone plant produces potato based products for the frozen and fast food industries for Australia, including frozen french fries, hash browns and dehydrated potato products.

Grant Rodman, from the Simplot Ulverstone plant, used to write over 1,000 work orders a year. Over a quarter of these were Preventative Maintenance tasks, parts and requirements of each job had to be included manually.

Nowadays, MEX has gone from being a quick introduction of a CMMS for Ulverstone the Tasmania Plant, to being used in all Simplot Plants Australia wide. The reason why is because MEX works.

“[MEX is] very user friendly and has a good structural flow,” said Grant. Grant has had numerous staff over the years on light duties who have picked up the use of MEX in less than an hour. Grant says, “They are shown once, and then they pick it up right away.

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