Case study: Main Roads WA use PolyCom Stabilising Aid

Supplier: Road Construction Products By: Mark Holding © Earthco Projects
20 April, 2010

Betta Roads Pty Ltd Director, Paul Bright, reports that PolyCom Stabilising Aid is being used succesfully on pavement shoulder works.

According to Bright, the crew on Main Roads WA road shoulder stabilisation job have taken to PolyCom like ducks to water.

Using a typically moisture-sensitive material, the addition of PolyCom at the borrow pit, has helped the crew to progress the project in a timely and efficient manner. This is due in part to consistent moisture content throughout the material and increased cohesion.

The results show a dense, well bound material with a tight and uniform finish ideal for the subsequent chip seal.

Everyone on site client and contractor has recognised the benefit of using PolyCom.