Cardboard boxes or mail bags: which is right for you?

Carton or Mail Bag : Which is right for you?
Carton or Mail Bag : Which is right for you?

There are a number of packaging supplies available for almost any product. If you are packaging small, fragile items or slightly larger goods such as water bottles or books, it is important to consider all of the factors involved.

Read through some of Signet's key considerations when deciding if cardboard packing boxes or mailing bags are the most effective and efficient packaging method for you.

Additional Packing Material Costs

When using cardboard boxes to package goods there are usually additional items required to effectively cushion, secure and seal them inside. Most warehouses, factories or offices would be familiar with packaging tape and void materials such as paper or bubble wrap. These additional packaging supplies are all included in the total "Costs per Unit Packed"; for example comprising of the carton, tape used to seal, void fill to secure the product, labels applied and then the film used to wrap the pallet. While most cost comparisons will look at price per metre of these tertiary packaging products, this can be misleading if you're using twice as much stock to package a product (for example a lower quality adhesive tape requiring 2-3 times the application of a higher quality adhesive tape). Hence cost per product packed will give a much more accurate measure of economy.

For smaller, lighter items: one way of reducing "Costs per Unit Packed" is using mail bags to eliminate the need for additional packing materials.

Transport Costs

Freight and transport can become a costly component of despatching and shipping goods. Common charges associated with freight companies can include weight, volume and distance related costs. Using cardboard packing boxes, whether large or small, is an easy way to potentially increase these costs when shipping items domestically or overseas due to cubeage. Mail bags can reduce this cubeage cost due to their conformance to products.

Packages can also come into contact with rough handling conditions or other items that could cause holes, punctures or tears to cardboard boxes during transit.

Mail bags are a tough, durable solution to reduce the size and weight of the package and potentially minimise the risk of damage, saving your business valuable dollars.

Storage Costs

Cardboard packing boxes, while flat packed to save valuable space in warehouses or factories, may also be exposed to damage, dirt and dust if not stored out of the way of busy areas. As damaged cartons will not perform as well, if at all, there could be unforeseen replacement or return costs.

Mail bags can be stored in containers which are easier to keep out of the way and ensure that they are kept neat and tidy when not in use. Additionally a bundle of 25 cartons or so will typically take up the same warehouse space as a box of 150-300 mail bags, reducing the holding cost prior to use.

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