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Top Safety & Emergency Switch Suppliers

Pilz PSEN CS1.1P Compact Non Contact Switch
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Pilz - PSENcode Magnetic Safety Non-Contact Switch, Plastic, 24 V dc, M12
RS Components
Smithfield, NSW
1300 656 6..
Distribution: Australia & New Zealand
Established: 1937
Employees: 200+
Customers: Servicing Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Resources, Education, Engineering and more
Fiber Optic Emergency Stop Switch | Micronor MR387
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The Micronor MR387 Fiber Optic Fiber Optic Emergency Stop Switch Button offer immunity to EMI, RFI, Lightning, High Voltage and Ground Loops, as well as operate over long distances without signal loss
Quality in Control P/L
Springbrook, QLD
07 5533 53..
Distribution: Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific Only
Established: 1996
Employees: 1-5
Customers: Liberty OneSteel , BHP, Mitsubishi, Visi-Pak
Industrial safety engineering
Euchner Safety Switches and Gate Locks
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Euchner is one of the world's leading companies in the area of industrial safety engineering, supplying Safety Switches and Gate Locks, gate locks, RF sensors and emergency stop devices.
Treotham Automation
Brookvale, NSW
02 9907 17..
Distribution: Australia and New Zealand Only
Established: 1992
Employees: 21-50
Customers: Siemans, Rockwell, Hagemeyer Group, MMEM, BHP
Latching Emergency Stop Switch
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This Latching Emergency Stop Switch is essential for installation of CNC equipment.
Homann Designs
0421 601 6..
Rope-Pull Safety Switches
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Rope-Pull Safety Switches are available in a range of types including plastic and metal bodies.
Zone Safety Systems
Laverton North, VIC
03 8360 85..
Conveyor Safety Switches | Pullswitch
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Open Conveyor Pull Cord Safety Stop Switch
4B Australia
Acacia Ridge, QLD
(0)7 3216 93..
Powerpoint, Safety Switch & Switchboard Installation
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Mainstream Electrical install powerpoints, switchboards and safety switches, and can provide a service catered to you or your company's needs and requirements.
Mainstream Electrical
0414 481 8..
Cable Pull Safety Switch | Pullkey ESS3
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The Pullkey ESS3 is fully compatible with either a tensioned or non-tensioned system.
Castle Hill , NSW
02 8851 50..
WAGO Ethernet Switches, Gateways & Routers I Industrial Switch 852-602
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Industrial-Managed-Switch; 8-port 100Base-TX; PROFINET; Extended temperature range; metallic black
WAGO Australia & New Zealand
Noble Park, NSW
(03) 8791 63..
Safety & Emergency Switch Insights

Find 9 Safety & Emergency Switches in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney for sale on IndustrySearch Australia.

The cost of listed Safety & Emergency Switches is approximately $446.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Safety & Emergency Switches on IndustrySearch are RS Components, Quality in Control P/L, Treotham Automation.