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Laboratory Sterility Test | Sterisart Universal Pump
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ensuring excellent ergonomic handling
Designed for sampling. Acting as a sterile barrier the Sterisart® Septum allows for a safe, aseptic sample transfer out of a closed, sterile system. This enables you to take samples whenever needed or to transfer samples into a rapid detection system
Supplier: Sartorius Australia Pty Ltd
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A&D Tuning Fork Vibro Rheometer | RV-10000A | Laboratory Equipment
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Drawing on A&D’s proven sensor technology for high- resolution analytical balances, the RV-10000A Tuning Fork Vibro Rheometer is a breakthrough alternative to conventional methods in the research of non-Newtonian fluid properties, especially for ease and precision in low viscosity measurements.
Supplier: A&D Weighing & Inspection Specialists
1800 241 4..
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Customers: Australia Post, Bakers Delight, SGS
Laboratory & Scientific Test Equipment | Comprehensive Abrasion Test
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Universal test machine to test the coating abrasion resistance on beverage cans or flat materials.
Supplier: Revco Australia
03 9330 44..
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Vision Laboratory & Scientific Test Equipment I Stereo Microscope
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Vision Engineering Mantis Compact Stereo Microscope. Includes Mantis Compact Head with MCS-005 Universal Arm, Power Supply and Dust Cover. Objectives not included and are purchased additionally.
Price Guide: $3,100
Supplier: Okay Technologies
(02) 4735 31..
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Laboratory Equipment | Shaker Mixers
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The Shaker mixer S 2.0 «Turbula» is laboratory-class equipment with a cup volume of 2 liters.
Supplier: Mineral Innovative Technologies Group
0411 645 1..
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Laboratory Equipment | Microlit E-burette
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MICROLIT E-BURETTE is a state-of-the-art Motor Operated Burette with sophisticated features and functionality.
Price Guide: $3,299
Supplier: Science Equip
03 9394 89..
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Heated Laboratory (Equipment) Press | Model L0002 Series
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The L0002 & L0003 Heated Laboratory Press includes two digital temperature controllers that enable the platens to be heated or cooled and even set process times for heating and cooling.
Supplier: IDM Instruments
03 9708 68..
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Laboratory Equipment | Spectrophotometer | SP-8001 UV-Vis
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The compact and easy to use SP-8001 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer was designed to measure wavelength from 190~1100 nm with speed and accuracy.
Supplier: Adelab Scientific
08 8234 79..
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Genie Scientific Laboratory Equipment - Vortex-Genie 2 Vortex Mixer
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The Vortex-Genie 2 has variable speed control that allows high speed shaking or vortexing with tough metal housing. Supplied with 3 inch Platform (shown) and Pop-Off Cup.
Supplier: Instrument Choice
1300 737 8..
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Laboratory & Scientific Test Equipment Insights

Find 9 Laboratory & Scientific Test Equipment in Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney for sale on IndustrySearch Australia.

The cost of listed Laboratory & Scientific Test Equipment ranges between $3,100 and $3,299, averaging at $3,199.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Laboratory & Scientific Test Equipment on IndustrySearch are Sartorius Australia Pty Ltd, A&D Weighing & Inspection Specialists.