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Top Electrical Junction Box Suppliers

Electrical Junction Boxes | EZEE-FIT
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EZEE-FIT Junction Boxes For Electrical Housing Applications.
Supplier: Mechtric
08 9248 041..
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Outdoor Surveillance Camera Junction Box | CAS-2702
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This junction box can be used as a connector to wall mount or pole mount. Suitable with FCS-4042, FCS-4043 and FCS-4044.
Supplier: Wagner Electronic Services
02 9798 92..
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Load Cell Junction Box | Model IQ600 supplied by Instrotech Australia
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This summation box will allow for the easy connection and summing of load cells which can be wired in parallel to the load cell amplifying or displaying instrument.
Supplier: Instrotech Australia
08 8337 80..
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Kyowa Junction Box -Instrumentation Amplifier for Load Cells | JBS-C
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Made in Japan
Cable connections for load cells and more integrated input of multi-transducer.
Supplier: Slentech
03 9837 52..
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Customers: Industrial Power Plants, Food Industry, Mining, Oil and Gas and Water Plants
Electrical Junction Box Plugs
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Electrical Junction Box Plugs can be used to neatly shut off unused plain entries in conduit junction boxes, weatherproof range enclosures etc
Supplier: SDI Plastics
61 7 3807 866..
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Cable Junction Boxes
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The Cable Junction Boxes are micro, heavy duty junction boxes which can be used in multiple applications across a wide variety of industries and have a number of entry and terminal options available.
Supplier: Sensor Measurement
08 9317 25..
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Summer & Junction Boxes - PT100SB Series
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PT Limited supplies a range of 4, 6 and 8 way summer boxes.
Supplier: PT Limited
1800 777 86..
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Security Seals For Switches, Switchboards, Junction Boxes & Cables
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The onus of responsibility has become a huge issue in the electrical industry.
Supplier: Tamper Evident
03 9598 69..
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Junction Box - Small | DIJ Series
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This series of high impact polycarbonate junction boxes are certified for use in areas made hazardous by the presence of combustible dust.
Supplier: Sylvania Lighting Australasia
02 4328 06..
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Light Fittings Fixtures & Lamps - Large junction box
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Large junction box contains 3 x single screw cable connectors, 1 x two screw earth connector and 2 fixing nails.
Supplier: Pulset
02 9756 50..
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Electrical Junction Box Insights

Find 10 Electrical Junction Boxes in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney for sale on IndustrySearch Australia.

Most popular suppliers and brands for Electrical Junction Boxes on IndustrySearch are Wagner Electronic Services, Mechtric, Instrotech Australia, Slentech.