Business profits boosted using Ezy Shelter

This portable, profit-making centre was first road tested by Lee Kynaston, owner of Eco Sodablast, a company that does on-site cleaning of anything from graffiti to boat antifouling.

It has since been used by home based small operators to large industrial entities like Siemens, Qld Govt Air Rescue and Cubic Defense and everything in between.

It's a remarkable inflatable shelter that has a huge internal space, is light, portable, easy to transport and complies with OH&S requirements.  The dimensions can be adjusted to fit a specific piece of equipment or a standard size.  They can vary in size according to the needs of the operator.

As a portable, inflatable shelter for an operator of remote or site services, there is nothing quite like it on the market. The Genius Team designers have put a lot of thought into how one person can erect this by remote inflation and then easily pack it away.

The cavernous internal space is well illuminated and the long side windows are positioned at just the right height to offer privacy and a high level of direct light. The view of the blue sky makes it feel even more spacious and airy. 

Optional extras include clear doors for even greater internal light as well as an easy loading trolley that makes packing onto a ute or van a simple, no-strength operation.  The material can be blast material safe and fire retardant. 

It is ideally suited as a shelter for a soda/sand blasting setup, field workshop, car cleaning business or for any onsite operations that require a clean, controlled environment.

One satisfied operator - a pipeline contractor, is using a modified version as an inflatable welding shelter for joining water pipes.

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