Building an environmental and energy usage monitoring system

Supplier: Pacific Data Systems Australia
28 November, 2011

Pacific Data Systems has delivered and environmental and energy usage monitoring system for Bondor's insulliving 8 star energy efficiency rated home.

Project Background

Bondor's InsulLiving home was built using Bondor's InsulWall and SolarSpan energy efficient products. Already rated as an 8 star energy efficient home, Bondor wanted to go a step further and show that the true energy saving benefits of their products far exceeded the 8 star rating.

The Solution

Pacific Data Systems have designed, built and installed a customised, turn-key data logging system to monitor energy usage and environmental conditions both inside and outside of the InsulLiving Home.

The solution is driven by a dataTaker DT85 data logger with an additional Channel Expansion Module to accommodate the large number of sensors that were required for the monitoring station.

The solution monitors the following parameters:

  • Building Energy Consumption
  • External Air Temperature
  • External Wind Speed & Direction
  • External Barometric Pressure
  • External Relative Humidity
  • External Rainfall
  • Internal Humidity
  • Internal Temperature
  • Internal CO2 

The Equipment

The key technology supplied and configured by Pacific Data Systems included:

  • dataTaker DT85 Data Logger
  • dataTaker Channel Expansion Module
  • Latronics kWh meters
  • Vaisala WXT520 All-In-One Weather Sensor
  • Vaisala HMW 40Y Wall Mount Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Vaisala GMW116 Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Transmitter
  • RTD Sensors

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