Bringing you the best of both devices

Supplier: SI Instruments
16 March, 2020

RheinTacho is pleased to announce the release of the Pocket LED Stroboscope with Laser trigger.

The new RT STROBE pocket LED LASER is the further development of the current portable stroboscopes RT STROBE pocketLED. This portable stroboscope is extended by the innovative auto-sync laser function as well as by the additional application possibilities of a laser-tachometer.

Within the stroboscope mode, the portable multifunction device flashes with up to 999,999 flashes per minute and belongs to the best-performing devices of its class. The quartz accuracy ensures absolute flash precision. 6 extremely bright LEDs ensure an exceptional illumination area. By means of a reflective laser beam, The RT STROBE pocketLED LASER offers the possibility to determine the flash rate almost automatically and thus let moving parts appear optically “frozen”. If you only want to measure the revolutions, you can also use the stroboscope as a laser tachometer with disabled flash function.

The ergonomically and functionally optimized housing with integrated protective holster fulfils the requirements of protection class IP65. This means the RT STROBE pocketLED LASER is extremely well protected against dust and water jets and thus perfectly suitable for use in rough industrial environments.