Bitron Case Study 12 - 2. 4. 6 Metal Treatment

Supplier: Bi-tron Lubrication By: Mr McWhinney
29 January, 2010

I own a D5D Caterpillar Dozer. I recently had a problem with the power shift transmission. It would stop the machine each time the transmission temperature came up about three quarters of the way to the red area on the gauge.

I put up with the problem until it became so bad the machine was stopping approximately every half an hour and I would have to wait for about 15 minutes to let it cool down enough to start operating it again.

I had our local Caterpillar agent look at it who gave me a quote of $3500 to just dismantle and find the problem and around $3,000 plus to repair it on top of the downtime.

A friend of mine suggested me to let my local Caterpillar put Bi-tron in my transmission. What could I lose? To my amazement the dozer has not stopped again and the temperature now runs on about half way.

Mr McWhinney,

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