Big shelter means big savings for power plants

With gas and coal power plants generating 84.5% of Australia’s total power output, turbines are a big part of Australian energy, but what's the cost when they need to be serviced?

Power plants, whether gas or coal, both rely on a turbine to generate their power. We work our turbines hard in Australia, Generating 84.5% of Australia’s total power output, through the burning of coal and gas.

Every 6 or so years these turbines need to undergo rigorous maintenance in an operation consisting of hundreds of personal and weeks of downtime. During this time, turbines are completely disassembled, cleaned, tested and reassembled. One of the most time-consuming parts of this maintenance is the cleaning of the turbine, which is done via a process called Abrasive blasting. Abrasive blasting uses tiny particles that are blasted at high pressure against a part to clean it.

Abrasive blasting creates a lot of mess as particles of your medium are projected at a part. In an effort to contain the blasting material, the process is completed in an enclosed space. Traditionally scaffolding would be erected and wrapped to create an enclosed environment to blast in. This method requires 2-3 days just for set-up and can cost between 7-10 thousand dollars. With the help of Siemens, one of the world largest turbine manufacturers and maintainers, Giant Inflatables Industrial has developed an industrial grade inflatable blasting shelter. Portable and easily erected Giant Inflatables Industrial’s blast shelter creates an enclosed environment in a matter of hours, saving days of time and thousands of dollars.

With portability being a primary concern, the inflatable blast shelter can pack down to fit on a pallet and is easily transported between power plants. These shelters travel across Australia saving Siemens thousands of dollars and days of time at every power plant they maintain.

With strict operational health and safety on power plant sites Giant Inflatables Industrial’s shelters offers a huge advantage over traditional methods. With the advantage of requiring no rigging systems and heavy machinery, the inflatable blast shelters can be erected simply by unpacking and connecting to the fan, eliminating many OH&S complications faced with traditional methods of blasting enclosures.

With safety, cost, and time saving at the heart of Giant Inflatables Blasting Shelters, turbine maintenance teams around the world are opting to use portable inflatable shelters as alternatives to the traditional blasting enclosures.

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