Big energy savings using age old principles

EcoMESH is a unique mesh and water spray system that improves the performance of air cooled chillers, dry coolers and refrigeration plant whilst reducing energy consumption by 30 - 40%.

EcoMESH has been fitted to units worldwide where its patented water spray technology has helped companies to reduce their energy intensity without having to resort to significant capital expenditure. What's more, once fitted, it is virtually maintenance free.

EcoMESH uses the age old adiabatic cooling principle and a 'smart controller' to reduce the temperature of air before it is drawn into the heat rejection coil of an air conditioner, lowering the temperature at input to lower energy costs.

SBH Solutions is introducing EcoMESH to Australia for the first time. With electricity costs on the rise, investment in an EcoMESH System will have a quick payback period - less than one cooling season. 

The system is easy to install, and is sold as a kit to suit the application. EcoMESH does not affect equipment warranties.