BHP Billiton turn to Intercept for corrosion protection

Supplier: Intercept Australia
22 October, 2014

Intercept Technology is pleased to announce it has gained specification into GE Oil and Gas.

This type of packing protects against environmental impact that can cause corrosion.

BHP Billiton, Nickel West with their external consultants presented Intercept Australia with the challenge of providing a preservation strategy for a newly manufactured, critical spare, heat exchanger to be stored at their nickel mine east of Kalgoorlie.

The heat exhanger is 23m in length it posed some logistical challenges having to travel approximately 700km from Perth to the mine to be ready for commissioning anytime for up to five years.
Intercept Australia recommended a dual wrapping of Intercept Anti Corrosion film and a single layer of Power-shrink high UV Film including non chloride emitting desiccants as a total solution prior to transport. The third layer was to extend UV protection and resolve any integrity breaches during transport. As a further ongoing service Intercept Australia recommended a yearly integrity check and desiccant change to insure the longevity of the preservation process. The heat exchanger will be ready for commissioning at a moment's notice with minimal preparation being required. The concept enables minimal down time of the processing plant saving money and reducing pre-commissioning labour cost.