24 Mar 2022

Using a baler will make your company’s waste management processes more affordable and efficient.

Best Baler Options for Your Business

While heavy-duty compactors may suit large business operations and manufacturing facilities, small and medium sized businesses have different waste management needs. A baler is a compact piece of equipment that suits most office and small business needs.

Wastech is the leading provider of efficient balers for offices and small businesses in Melbourne. We provide efficient balers for cardboard, plastic, e-waste and even metals. Furthermore, we have a range of low-cost balers for hire to suit your budget.

Benefits of Using a Baler

Using a baler will make your company’s waste management processes more affordable and efficient. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reducing the cost of waste disposal by streamlining waste sorting and compacting
  • Reducing the amount of waste heading to landfill
  • Creating a cleaner work environment
  • Freeing up room to store other materials back of house
  • Let’s take a look at how your company can find the best baler option for your needs.

Consider the Quantity of Recyclable Waste

The first factor your business should consider is how much waste you need to process and store. Are you thinking of upgrading to professional waste management because your current process can’t handle the volume of recyclables you produce? Or are you simply upgrading to be more sustainable? These answers will determine the size of the baler you need.

Understand What Kind of Recyclable Waste You Generate

Next, you need to understand the kind of waste your company generates. Different balers are designed to compact specific kinds of materials. For example, the Wastech B30 Baler efficiently compacts high volumes of cardboard and plastic, while the X25 Galv Baler is designed for heavy-duty bailing in wet environments. The B30 Baler would be best suited for medium-sized commercial and industrial companies, and the X25 Galv Baler is ideal for food industries.

Selecting the right kind of baler for your company’s waste type enables more efficient waste shipping and collection. Having the right baler can save you money on waste management!

Consider the Lifespan and Quality of Equipment

Professional waste management equipment is a substantial investment for companies of all sizes. Therefore, you want to maximise your investment. Luckily, when it comes to balers in Australia, Wastech Engineering provides two affordable options.

First, you can purchase a new baler. A new baler is ideal for a company that knows exactly what it needs and plans to use the same waste machine for years to come.

Alternatively, you can rent a baler. Renting is a great option for companies that are new to the world of waste management equipment or have changing needs. Wastech Engineering provides a range of efficient balers for hire. This means that you enjoy the benefit of maintenance and always have access to the latest equipment.