Bandsaws, Bandsaws and more bandsaws they are popping up everywhere

Supplier: Impact Machinery
26 January, 2021

Not all Bandsaws are created equal.

We are partnered with German Manufacturer Meba, a world leader in Precision and Automation. The MEBA ECO 510 DGA is powerful processing workhorse with double miter capabilities and shuttle feed length measuring systems. Our Service team have just finished installing two of the MEBA 510 DGA bandsaws at an Australian steel Distribution warehouse. These two new systems are able to cut 500mm high and 700mm wide, which is perfect for Structural Steel members as well as cutting packs of steel. The 3 mtr Shuttle makes quick work of measuring with Automation. And the 7” Touch screen makes operation both simple and fast. If you want to cut faster with affordable German engineered solutions contact us.