Automatic back-flushing filters - for a long life

Supplier: HYDAC International
26 September, 2013

Back-flushing filters, type AutoFilt® by HYDAC are automatic filters for almost all industrial sectors. They ensure the cleanliness of water, coolants and lubricants as well as lower viscosity fluids.

Particle contamination in process water and other operating fluids accelerates the rate of wear of system components, pipelines and valves. In addition, the particles suspended in these media can adversely affect the quality of the end products. In order to protect the operational infrastructure and ensure short maintenance times, it makes sense to have a filter system which separates solid particles from operating fluids. The use of reliable filter systems reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Filtration furthermore increases operational reliability and ensures a high quality of the end products. HYDAC offers the right filtration technology for every requirement. In process technology the AutoFilt® series of automatic back-flushing filters has a proven track record. Thanks to automatic back-flushing, the cleaning cycle does not interrupt flows or the filtration process.

Filters for process technology are high performance quality products which contribute through their high quality to ensuring the function and to a large degree to extending the service life of components, systems and machines: Longer service life, maximising the quality of the fluid to be filtered and the possibility of repeat use of the filter elements, together with low maintenance costs, reduce your production costs and the environmental impact. Their rugged construction, based on the retrofit principle, facilitates a quick and cost-effective installation both in existing and new systems. Numerous power station operators, the mining industry, the steel industry, the automotive industry, desalination plants and industrial manufacturing companies have been placing their trust for years in these reliable filters. They feature a flow-optimised construction, which ensures that the filter has a low flow resistance – and allows a flow rate capacity of up to 10,000 m³ per hour for a single filter unit. A further advantage is the conically-shaped stainless steel slotted-tube filter elements which enable even flow behaviour, optimum filtration and a filtration and back-flushing behaviour that are hard to beat.

They also boast a long service life. Depending on your requirement, the HYDAC AutoFilt® back-flushing filters, types RF3, RF4, RF5, RF7 as well as ATF and RFH are available in different designs and filtration ratings to fit the particular operating conditions. There are a vast range of materials for the housing and internal parts, like duplex, superduplex, various qualities of stainless steel, carbon steel, elements with magnetic filtration technology, etc. HYDAC is also ATEX approved.

The AutoFilt® filter range is very versatile. Throughout the world customers trust HYDAC’s rugged automatic back-flushing filters. They perform their function reliably in “classical” areas such as the filtration of industrial water and process water as well as the purification of lubricating emulsions used in machine tools and mechanical engineering. HYDAC AutoFilt® back-flushing filters have proven effective both in environmental and sewage treatment technology and in the pre-filtration of heavy diesel and injection water for the offshore industry on oil rigs and on FPSO ships. With filtration rates of 25 – 3000 μm they provide efficient separation of contamination particles from process media.

HYDAC guides you on site through the selection, customisation and installation of the ready-to-operate filter unit. Location is not an issue. HYDAC has a global presence and local competence throughout the world in more than 45 countries.

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