Auto Service Area Productivity - Heating on cold days

Supplier: SBH Solutions
02 November, 2018

Bridgestone Select Magill has an auto service workshop with open doors front and rear. During winter mornings, the workshop temperature can fall below 10°C making for unpleasant working conditions.

Conventional heating was considered but aircon or gas heating of open areas is inefficient due to heat rising and escaping out the doors.

A simple solution is to utilise a halogen lamp heater. These heaters emit short wave infrared waves directly through the air to the target area. The near infrared spectrum does not heat the air, so these heaters do not waste money on energy drifting out the open doorways.

SBH Solutions supplies a diverse range of short wave infrared heaters for commercial and industrial areas from leader in the field Star Progetti of Italy. The Bridgestone staff agreed to a trial and a Titan 2000 watt heater was installed during winter 2018.

We visited the workshop on August 20th when the morning was a chilly 10°C. The Titan heater was in use, warming the area in front of a car’s engine bay.  Mechanic Alan said it made a huge difference when being in the same spot while working on the engine bay. “The heat is instant so I can switch it off when I leave the workshop and switch it on when I return.”  The trial was successful and the Magill store bought two Titan heaters.

Halogen infrared heating is ideal for providing comfort heating for staff working in cold service areas.  Running cost of a 2000 watt heater is typically $0.70 per hour†. And when combined with a proximity sensor, the instant heat can be controlled to operate only when people are in the target area.

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†based on $0.35c per KWhr