Australians believe robots will take jobs

15 August, 2018

It has been shown that 45 per cent of activities people are paid to perform can be replaced by automated technologies.

A recent YouGov research poll reveals nearly half of Australians between 18 – 29 years believe a robot could do their job as well or better than they could with 47 per cent of those aged between 30-44 years of the same belief. 

The report said: 

“Aussies also recognise the threat they pose to people’s employment prospects; three-quarters of Australians agree that robots will take jobs away from many of them ... whilst many do not currently feel personally threatened by robots in the workplace, one in ten believe that a robot would be better than them at their jobs.” 

Despite that, those surveyed believed robots will make our lives easier and will perform tasks that humans do not want to do. When asked if robots were safe and affordable, the most popular uses for automated technology was household cleaning, security, assistance at work, gardening and taking out the rubbish. 

The poll concluded saying: 

“With robots set to shake up our economy there is certainly a challenge ahead. Nearly eight in ten Aussies agree that robots should be regulated carefully, suggesting that regulators will have to forge a new and difficult path that seeks to maximise the benefits of new technology without reducing citizens’ opportunities and/or income” 

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