Astoria Group hosts data with MEX to alleviate IT dept workload

Supplier: MEX - Maintenance Software By: MEX Maintenance Experts
13 November, 2015

For more than 50 years, The Astoria Group has been successfully leading the way in Property Development.

PPA's goals are to facilitate trade within and through the port, plan for future growth and development of the port and facilitate the development of trade and commerce.

We use the MEX Asset Register as a means to categorise and track different types of equipment we operate. MEX allows us to group all our mobile equipment like bobcats, trucks and light vehicles pressure cleaners into the one category. This makes it easy to move these assets to new sites we are working on.

We decided to host our data with MEX to remove the large number of IT issues we were experiencing through our own hosting services. MEX also offered a greater level of service support due to the company's extensive knowledge of their product. Issue resolution was another appealing factor in the purchase of MEX Data Hosting.

“Hosting lightened the IT departments workload, so all they have to do is keep the internet going, and MEX manages the rest.”

Take a look at the full Pilbara Ports Authority Case Study for more information.