April Update and what on earth is Document Control?

Supplier: IPM Global By: Patrick Fielding
09 April, 2019

Document Control – Preserving the Single Source of Truth in Construction Management

A recent FMI study concluded that in a 40 hour week, construction professionals spend 14 hours (35%) searching for project data, resolving conflict or dealing with mistakes and rework. Further, it concluded that 52% of all rework globally, $31.3B in the USA in 2018, was caused by poor data and mis-communication.

In addition to providing a central document register/repository, a “best of breed” Document Control system should ensure: data integrity and organization, secure distribution, unified data and an audit trail. It must also provide version control, with access tracking, and facilitate email distribution of RFIs, RFQs, Transmittals etc with access to documents, by recipients, provided by secure embedded hyperlinks. All such correspondence should be tracked and filed automatically, with responses recognized and filed accordingly. The system should record when the recipient used the hyperlink provided.

Recipients of documents should be notified automatically of revisions, with revised work packages distributed on a predetermined basis.

IPM software includes a Document Control system with all of these features.

 At IPM, we believe projects are best managed from within a single tool, which connects to your estimating and scheduling tools and your (ERP) accounting system. IPM provides a basis for you to collaborate, control documents, manage costs, field activites, mobility, HSE, equipment and resources. This approach, including the advantages of native integration to Microsoft Office 365, Power BI and SharePoint, optimizes efficiency and enables the highest standard of real time financial reporting and planning required to meet the unique requirements of the construction industry. It also reduces costs and automates processes, replacing 4 or 5 “standalone” tools, with an ingtegrated project management tool.