Analogue vs digital security - the compelling argument

Supplier: BOSS Surveillance Systems
29 January, 2012

Why settle for an old analogue CCTV system, when you can gain control over your security and incorporate digital security cameras into your existing IT infrastructure?

When comparing the two security systems: digital versus analogue, it comes down to image quality, flexibility and scalability, and the benefits that are superior over the other. Simply explained here, we aim to demonstrate the simplicity of incorporating into your standard IT infrastructure, IP digital security cameras into the mix. By doing so, you are leveraging your IT investments and achieving a lower cost of ownership. And with IP technology, you can view and manage your security cameras and footage remotely - even if you are on the other side of the world.

Converting to digital is easy and the added benefits outweighs the need

The primary disadvantages of analogue is the lack of quality of images, the inflexibility in its functionality, and the high costs it brings to the consumer when adding cameras due to the amount of cabling and fixed devices this system requires. Additionally, the old analogue system is clunky to use, somewhat old fashioned in technology by international standards, and quite often the video recording is futile when evidence-based footage is required for legal proceedings.

The new emerging evolution of digital IP security and surveillance technology is the preferred method of security chosen by the majority of companies now. And the best thing is that it is affordable and extremely cost-efficient, making it a viable choice for smaller businesses and home owners.

In simple terms, these are video surveillance cameras with a network interface, a software application to manage your system, with a server that provides the broadcast of a signal over the Internet.  Once logged into your own private and secure IP address, you have full control over your cameras, manage the footage in real-time, zoom in and out and some cameras also provide audio and speaker functionality in which you can broadcast an instant message via the camera into the space where it is recording.

Innovations like motion detection, behaviour detection and thermal/infrared imaging has now been integrated into these security cameras. With the addition of megapixel and high definition technology, it brings surveillance to a whole new level. Ideal for the retail outlet for instance requiring point-of-sales (POS) monitoring where it is necessary to clearly see every item a customer is purchasing, record and view the cash register receipts and video all in one view, and in other situations where you need to be able to identify a face.

Highly detailed images captured by digital surveillance cameras can be achieved by installing a network camera with a telescopic lens with zoom capability to allow a closer view of the area of interest. You can also manoeuvre the lens to follow an individual from one area to the other of the premises - again this can be done remotely from anywhere in the world. All of this is not possible with the standard analogue camera systems on the market still today.

As experienced by many organisations who have now adopted the digital age of IP camera technology, have now gained greater control in protecting their assets, staff and all other measures of security. It's the ease-of-use that also supports the case to convert to IP digital, as well as knowing the footage can be recorded and stored off-site with hosted video. The ability to control your cameras and view footage remotely, while you are away on holidays for instance, is an enormous advantage.

A network video camera is able to send video without the need for a dedicated physical infrastructure like analogue requires. It uses standard IP networks, such as Local Area Networks (LANs) and the Internet, for transporting information. This standard IT infrastructure is something you probably already have in place, thus your costs are reduced immensely compared to analogue.

With network video, intelligence has been brought into the camera itself. Network cameras have built-in video motion detection and alarm management so the camera decides when to send video, at what frame rate and resolution, and when to alert a specific operator. Other unique features include audio detection and an active tampering alarm. Instant alerts can be sent directly to authorised personnel of the system, making way for faster responses and decision making to help safe-guard people and property.

Adding cameras is easy, quick and cost effective.  Scalability and flexibility in this technology allows your security to grow with your needs. Not like the old analogue where it becomes very expensive to add extra cameras as it requires additional cabling and a DVR.

From a technological perspective, internet based surveillance is the next logical step in surveillance evolution using digital cameras. And put in basic terms, analogue just doesn't cut it anymore when you want crystal clear images and have greater control over your security!

The move to an internet based surveillance system can be affordable for large corporations, small businesses, retailers to home owners, in that the technology required to deploy this kind of surveillance system is readily available and affordable ie PCs or laptops, mobile phones or PDAs and the internet. This opens a whole new market for bringing cost efficient surveillance solutions to the general public.

Customers have reported savings in theft, acts of vandalism and lives. One customer reported a saving of over $250,000 in one year by converting from analogue over to digital IP recording. There are numerous case studies of the many benefits digital network cameras can provide businesses, no matter what industry you are in. Whether your security needs are for theft, fraudulent acts, or for occupational health and safety needs, there is a solution for you.

So when comparing the two, it comes down to quality, flexibility, control and scalability.  And in our opinion digital IP surveillance and security systems wins hands down.

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