An Environmentally Friendly Wheel Stop
An Environmentally Friendly Wheel Stop

Combining value, durability and environmentally sustainability with clean and safe handling.

Sitecraft Introduces a new compliant one-piece wheel stop. 

Designed to comply with AS2890.1:2004 and manufactured from high-tech Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) with sustainability in mind.  The one-piece wheel stop is packed with features never seen before in a wheel stop anywhere in the world.  It will not fade, rot, rust or crack and it comes complete with matching blanking plugs to conceal the fixing points.  Compliance is available in 3 standard U.V. stabilised colours.  Safety Yellow for increased visibility and pedestrian safety, Blue for highlighting disabled parking spaces and Grey.

  • Deeply recessed mounting points provide maximum hold-down.
  • Ultra light by comparison our stop 4.5kg, rubber stop 16kgs and concrete stop 100kgs
  • Made from environmentally friendly LLPDE
  • Molded-in sign recess allows for personalised signage

The following is an extract from the website of The Association of European Plastics Manufacturers.

“The manufacturing of polyethylene is relatively clean and efficient, the emission of harmful substances is minimal and there is hardly any waste. Polyethylene is extremely suitable for recycling. It is a thermoplastic material, which means that it can be melted unlimited times and new products can be made from it. Polyethylene is a material that can endure the strictest test in the field of durability, safety, hygiene and environmental friendliness.”

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