All you need to know about custom printed tape

With Custom Printed Logo Tape, you can add your logo, website, a personalised message, or promotion to your tape.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions which may help you before ordering custom printed tape.

1) How many colours can be printed on Custom Printed Packaging Tape?

We can print up to 5 colours on our Logo Tape.


2) What different types - grades of tape are available to be "personalised" - Custom Printed on?

Different tapes we have available to be printed on include:

  • PPH - Polypropylene Tape  with Hot Melt Synthetic Rubber Adhesive - Good all around tape recomended for general packaging (carton taping) applications & or use on recycled cartons. 
  • PPA - Polypropylene Tape with Acrylic Adhesive - Recomended for cold storage applications as well as general carton sealing applications.
  • PVC - PVC Tape with a Natural Rubber Adhesive - Recomended for cartons weighing over 25kg & / or recycled carton packaging.
  • Cross Weave (Bi Direction / 2 way) Filament Tape with a Hot Melt Heavy Duty Adhesive -Recomended for heavy duty packaging and bundling.


3) What can we print on rolls of Custom Print Packing Tape?

With Personalised Custom Printed Packing Tape, you can print company logos, company contact details (address, phone, e-mail, website), QR codes, bar codes,pPromotional info, product info, etc. Stiple printing (where colours blend into each other) can be done, but is not recommended


4) Can my custom print tape job be perforated?

Yes, we can perforate customised packaging tape. This is available on 50mtr rolls. Our perforated "Label Tape" can be done up to 300mm wide with message - print length up to 750mm long.

An example of messages per roll is:

  • Tape with a 100mm length between perforations - 500 labels per roll of label tape
  • Tape with a 150mm length between perforations - 330 labels per roll of label tape


5) What is classed as a reverse print?

A reverse print is when an image or text is shown as a silhouette. It is classed as an additional colour being printed. 


6) How long can my message be? 

A message or print length on Custom Printed Logo Tape is generally 300mm in length, but for an additional cost it can be up to 750mm long.


7) Can any colour be printed on on our custom tape?

Yes, we can print any colour as long as the PMS colour is specified. If the colour you require is an exotic or not commonly used colour, or a small order of tape, there may be an additional charge.


8) How do you want your Custom Printed Packing Tape to unwind from the roll?

Unless specified your message / logo roll of tape will unwind from the left. If you require your printed tape job to be unwound differently please let us know. (You also have a chance to confirm how you want your print job to unwind when you recieve your artwork proof).


9) What is the minimum quantity we can order? How much should we order?

You can order as little as 1 carton of Custom Printed Tape, though it is recomended to order at least 2 cartons. There is still the same time involved in getting the printing "set up" ready for production. So it is more cost effective to order more tape in one go, than to order in "dribs & drabs".


10) How many rolls and of what sizes of Custom Printed Tape are in a carton?

The standard sizes and rolls per carton of Custom Print Packaging Tape is:

  • 24mm wide - 72rolls per ctn
  • 36mm wide - 48rolls per ctn
  • 48mm wide - 36rolls per ctn
  • 72mm wide - 24rolls per ctn
  • 100mm wide - 18rolls per ctn


11) How is the tape printed?

Custom Printed (Personalised) Logo Print Tape is printed flexographically.


12) How Long are the rolls of Custom Printed (Personalised) Tape?

Length of tape is 66mtr, 100mtr or 1000mtr (for tape machines). Perforated Label Tape is 50mtr per roll.


13) What type of artwork files can be accepted for Custom Logo Printed Tape?

Prefered artwork for Custom Print Tape jobs is:

  • Illustrator/EPS format
  • Good quality PDF
  • Hard copy company letterhead or business card
  • If it is an existing printed tape job, a sample of the tape


14) Do I get to see a proof of my Custom Printed Logo Tape Order before it goes into production?

Yes, you recieve an artwork proof of your printed tape job, and if approved, your order gets slotted in for production. If you need to make changes, please advise what needs to be done, and another artwork proof will be issued.


15) When I recieved my artwork proof, the colours look different on the screen than what I requested?

If you have specified a PMS colour, don't worry, it will arrive as that colour. Please remember that everyone has different screen resolutions on their computer.


16) What is the process when I place an order for my customised packaging tape?

  1. Place an order and supply us with an artwork file.
  2. You will recieve an artwork proof (1 - 2 days). Once you have approved your artwork (when no further changes need to be made), your logo tape order is slotted into production.
  3. 3 - 4 weeks later, your Custom Printed Tape will be ready for delivery.

We supply Custom Printed packing Tape to Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne & right across Australia.

Please contact us for all of your Custom Printed Logo Packaging Tape, or Custom Print Perforated Tape requirements.