'All In One' shrink wrappers from Get Packed

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging
23 May, 2013

Get Packed have a range of Shrink Wrap Machines, but the All In One Shrinkwrapper is an excellent all rounder for the average user - with both the L-bar sealer and the shrink chamber coming together in one machine.

The GPEKH-455 All In One Shrink Wrapper has the L-bar sealer and shrink chamber all in one machine. It has sealing dimensions of 420mm(w) x 550mm (L) and will seal and shrink PVC or Cryovac Polyolefin Shrink Film  with a maximum dimension of 600mm.

To use the All In One, simply place the product onto the package loading tray between the two layers of centrefolded film. The package is then moved (between the shrink film) into the sealing area and lower the hood. In lowering the hood and applying pressure you are allowing the shrinking proces to commence and create the seal on the film.

Once the shrinking process has been completed you simply raise the hood and the completed professionally finished package can be removed.

How to use an All In One Shrink Wrapper