All-Air Suspension offer new airbag on-board controls

 All-Air Suspension's on-board controls with digital gauges
All-Air Suspension's on-board controls with digital gauges

All-Air Suspension, a NSW distributor of Airbag Man products, has introduced new airbag on-board controls with digital gauges for simple in-cab monitoring and adjustment of airbag pressure.

The digital controls can substitute any standard analogue gauge in an air control kit.

This device makes it easier for airbag equipped vehicles to level up their suspension under the stress of uneven or varying loads, enhancing safety and levelling ride when carrying heavy weights on one side of a vehicle, liquid tanks being filled or emptied and towing trailers, boats or caravans.
All-Air Suspension General Manager, James Maslin outlined the benefits of the products.
"A major benefit of the new digital controllers is the ability to see real-time digital readouts of the air pressures in each bag," said Maslin. 
"The controls can also easily be located away from the readout, which allows for a cleaner installation.
"For work vehicles you can also have the controls on the outside to allow for a visual check, with the monitoring on the inside. With the digital controllers, you can customise its location to suit the vehicle and its purpose," Maslin said.
The controls allow for finger-tip adjustment for front-to-rear and side-to-side levelling of airbags without having to leave the vehicle and perform a series of manual adjustments.
"Being able to make minor adjustments to airbag pressure is critical when carrying heavy or uneven loads," continued Maslin. 
"They can be helpful for recreational uses, such as caravans and motor homes, but also for more heavy duty industrial applications, like 4x4s used on mining or construction sites."
The gauge can measure from 0-100 psi and has dual outputs on its LED digital display. It has a compact, modern design that can easily be fitted to any vehicle and accommodates a range of configurations.
"Using the digital controls to keep the vehicle level reduces wear and tear and gives an optimum level of safety, particularly across harsher terrains," Maslin said.
"For Coil-Rite kits, which require less air pressure in them, the digital display allows for more precise air control."