Airbag Man Kit CR5044 fitted to improve caravan towing experience

Supplier: Airbag Man
11 March, 2015

John contacted Airbag Man to eliminate the squeaks and thuds he was experiencing when towing his caravan.

See what this customer has said himself:

"I previously had air bags fitted to the vehicle to enhance towing the caravan with nothing but trouble. Eventually I had the bags replaced by another mechanic and was still experiencing problems. I was ready to throw them in the bin when I saw an Airbag Man advert on the internet. I rang technical support and they said 'drop in when it suits you'  so they can have a look - so I did.

I have found it's much easier to adjust the correct angle of the caravan, the ride is much better and cornering with the van on feels almost as though the van is not attached; I definitely did not want to tow without the bags on.

To continue on, I met Ben C, explained my problems and he sorted them out in an hour. I was one happy man, back on the road with no squeaks or thuds. I cannot wait to see if towing the van is further improved with the air bags fitted correctly, the vehicle rode way better on the way home.

I would strongly recommend the product, especially having obtained excellent back up service with minimum inconvenience to me.

You don't see that often today!

Keep up the good work I’ll be back with my next vehicle."