AGV Installation

Supplier: Haden & Custance Ltd
22 January, 2008

Haden & Custance created a fully Automatic Palletising & Material Transport Solution for the customer which integrated NDC Automated Guided Vehicles.

Features of AGV Installation

  • 2 AGV’s:
  • Pickup and delivery requirements and priority queuing controlled by H&C
  • Full pallet pickup from 7 production lines being Palletised by 4 H&C Robots
  • Empty pallet delivery to Palletisers
  • Full Pallets delivered to required location as specified in Product Database
  • Consumable Material for production floor as requested by operator
  • Return of unused Material
  • Displays showing Forklifts what Materials are required
  • Racks for transferring materials between Forklifts and AGV’s.
  • H&C Elevators to keep production floor clear.
  • H&C Robotic Palletisers with Barcode scanning, enabling Automatic product changeover.
  • Integration of Pallet strapper and Pallet Labelling on Pallet outfeed.
  • H&C Conveyors – BDR Infeed Accumulation, CFL Pallet Conveyors