ADSL and VoIP Testing Services

Comtest continues to expand testing capabilities to work with suppliers fo telcommunications and elctronic equipment to the Australian market.

In accordance with the policy of being at the forefront of technology, Comtest Laboratories is continuing the growth of its testing capabilities.

To supplement the ADSL testing facility which provides the Telstra endorsement testing to IP1149 and RCIT.0004, Comtest now provides testing to the growing VoIP market.

Comtest has invested in equipment which enables VoIP products with voice, FXS, FXO or FXD interfaces tested to the latest regulatory requirements of Australia (ACIF standards) and New Zealand (PTC 220).  Comtest also provides endorsement testing to the requirements of enginTM, a Broadband Company.

In addition to the more traditional PSTN and ISDN regulatory testing, Comtest is the first laboratory in Australia to achieve accreditation to AS/NZS 4117.  This particular standard is called up in the Australian Telecommunications Labelling Notice for Category A52 equipment (Surge Protective Devices).  This AS/NZS 4117 accreditation supplements Comtest’s other overvoltage & overcurrent testing which includes; ITU-T K.44: 2003 (ITU-T K.20, ITU-T K.21, ITU-T K.45), ITU-T K.55: 2002 and ITU-T K.65: 2004.

Comtest has always been able to provide safety testing for Telecommunications, IT, power supplies and audio/video equipment.  Comtest has now expanded its accreditations to cover Uninterruptible Power Supplies, vacuum cleaners, battery chargers, clocks, shavers, hair clippers, soldering irons, paint stripping guns and the like.  Comtest is accredited to the European Low Voltage Directive requirements for these devices.

Comtest Laboratories is also an IECEE CBTL accredited to IEC 60950-1 and IEC 61010-1 which enables Australian manufacturers to gain access to the 38 participating IECEE countries including Europe and the US.  The CB scheme report and certificate can also be used to access some non-member countries in Asia and South America.

Comtest Laboratories also provides a comprehensive range of compliance folder management services to assist Australian and international suppliers.

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