Acoustic Barriers from NCE reduce noise by 20dBA

Acoustic Barriers
Acoustic Barriers

Noise Control Engineering are capable of reducing noise by about 20 dBA, depending on the noise source and a particular noise control solution chosen.

We live in a highly industrialised busy environment, where noise is one of the most clearly recognised and annoying factors.

Billions of people around the globe are exposed to the excessive noise levels daily: whether it is traffic noise on the streets, or the mechanical noise generated by refrigeration or air conditioning systems, boilers, elevators, power generators, etc., or the occupational noise ranging from slight yet irritating buzzing in the offices to the extreme at metal workshops, factories, plants, etc.

In order to protect residents and workers from the excessive levels of noise, in many countries, including Australia, the maximum level of noise in residential, commercial, or industrial areas is strictly regulated by building codes, environment protection acts, and other legislative initiatives. Thus, implementing a noise control solution at sites with the sources of noise present is usually a legislation demand.

Acoustic barriers from NCE feature excellent weather resistant and aesthetic characteristics. Upon thorough site evaluation, all the barriers are individually designed and built at the NCE manufacturing facilities to meet all the requirements of a particular site of application.

A range of finishes are offered to adjust the acoustic barrier in accordance with the exterior design expectation. As the result, choosing NCE acoustic barriers customers receive innovative custom-built noise control solutions with excellent performance, proven durability, and obvious environmental benefits (noise is often mentioned among the common types of pollutants by the Environment Protection Authority in Australia).

Choose NCE to protect your staff from the excessive noise levels, please contact us for a solution today.