ABD Soft Crash Test Vehicle

Supplier: Industrial Measurement Solutions
14 November, 2011

The Soft Crash Test Vehicle (SCTV) is designed to allow the testing of a vehicle's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (such as adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance) without the risk of a real impact damaging an expensive development vehicle.

It uses all of ABD's expertise in the driverless control of vehicles, but in the shape of an inflatable car-shaped device. A rugged central drive box houses the drivetrain, controller and motion pack, and is surrounded by an inflatable structure with a skin which resembles a real car.

The sensors of the other vehicle see the SCTV as a normal car. The control system and software is based on ABD’s standard robot controller and software, so that users already familiar with ABD’s in-vehicle robots will find using the SCTV easy. The unit is radio controlled from a remote base-station using ABD’s standard driverless testing system, which can also be used to coordinate robotic control of the test vehicle, thereby providing an easy to use single software environment. 
The driverless testing system also enables the SCTV to be driven manually using remote controls. For more info visit our website www.measure.com.au