A reputation of quality in Force measurement

Supplier: Ross Brown Sales
07 November, 2006

Chatillon force measurement products have earned their reputation for quality, reliability, accuracy and ease of use. We offer a complete range of products for solving your most complex force measurement problems, including force gauges, test stands, material testers, grips & fixtures together with application software for data aquisition and process automation.

Chatillon are an ISO17025 accredited manufacturer through A2LA and our facilities are ISO9001:2000 compliant.  Our software products are ISO TickIT accredited. So, with all this backing you can depend on Chatillon products and our global network of Distributors.

Helping Leading Companies Engineer Better Products

Experience and innovation are the hallmarks of Chatillon force gauges and testers. We engineer solutions that are helping leading and global companies make better products with higher quality and improved consistency. You can expect more from a Chatillon system.

More than just Quality Products...
Application Experience
Here is just a sample of types of businesses we help:

  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Testing
  • Food Texture Analysis
  • Springs & Components
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Aircraft Servicing

Each of the above has dozens of applications, for example in packaging alone with have helped solve over twenty different problems, ranging from Adhesives to Paperboard Burst Strength.