One common problem people have with Masking Tape, is finding where the tape starts & having tape shredding on the roll, once again making the roll hard to start. If you use our Tesa Masking Tape Dispenser this will never happen again.

This Teardrop Dispenser is different than any other Teardrop Tape Dispenser you've used before. It is made to last, of strong durable steel & comes with a spare blade.

Benefits of using the Tesa Teardrop Masking Tape Dispenser include:

  • Using One Hand for Masking, easy to cut off tape
  • Straight sharp edges when tearing off tape
  • You can find the start of your Masking Tape roll every time you are ready to mask
  • Masking Tape will not shred on roll, ie- making it hard to find the start of your tape each time you start to mask
  • Your Masking Tape roll is protected in an enclosed Tape Dispenser protecting your Masking Tape from being damaged
  • Protects your hands when doing big Masking Projects
  • Great for using on Job Sites,taking to different locations easy to use - without having to search for where the tape starts on your roll

We supply Teardrop Masking Tape Dispensers to Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Make masking jobs easy with our TESA 6076 Masking Tape Dispenser. To order, hit the 'contact supplier' button in the top right hand corner of our IndustrySearch homepage, or, view links below.