A cutting-edge accumulation of Russian chocolates!

Supplier: AmbaFlex Spiral Conveyor Solutions By: Wouter Dirks
27 February, 2017

A record effective accumulation of 34 meters per square meter for a famous chocolate manufacturer using FILO spiral accumulation/buffer technology from AmbaFlex!

A Russian chocolate manufacturer is improving its line efficiency by installing offline accumulation. The difference with the other accumulators in the AmbaFlex AccuVeyor® programme is that this solution is not 'first in, first out', but 'first in, last out'.

The reason for this is that the user doesn't need a FIFO buffer, but has put a much higher value on saving space. And for that, the AmbaFlex AccuVeyor® AVS concept is the ideal solution because it is able to accumulate up to 106 meters of open chocolate cartons on a footprint only 2 meters in diameter. A record effective accumulation of 34 meters per square meter!

The FILO solution is created by running the machine in a reverse direction for filling and emptying. Any items accumulated are fed back into the line via a simple mechanism when there is an empty space. This means that the line is always feeding the downstream packers very efficiently and at their highest capacity while the box filler is always able to run at its maximum capacity as the accumulator overcomes any downstream slow and stop issues. This system has been designed in close cooperation between the AmbaFlex sales support department and our Italian integrator, a specialist in top-loading systems.

The AccuVeyor® AVS platform used is a unique AmbaFlex product with one endless belt travelling through an up and down concentric spiral. A building method for which a patent has been granted in most industrialized countries. The double screw has one larger 10 winding screw on the outer radius and a smaller 10 winding screw inside, with a crossover that connects the two. In total, there are nearly 20 windings that make up the 106 meters of accumulation in one piece.

This enormous endless belt configuration is only possible because of the Triple-E technology inside the belt. This true, low friction roller guide builds up almost no friction. And bear in mind that AVS' have been supplied for even much longer belt lengths.

In most cases, the AccuVeyor® AVS is used to give an in-line time delay. In that case, the infeed and outfeed are on level height which is unique for spiral conveyors solutions of this kind.

This particular AVS is fitted with some special features like the double gear motor to drive it bi-directionally, but also the flat friction top belt. Thanks to the flat top, unstable items can be conveyed without the risk of them tumbling over a friction pad and obviously also maintaining perfect product orientation.

As high quality products like these chocolates are also packed in a high quality gift box, product guiding needs to be done with care so that no markings are left on the box. In this case, the outer guide is the well-known AmbaFlex B guide with the polished stainless steel contact face. Tip guiding is applied on the inner radius and these guides are at the end of each belt slat and made of a soft material so that no rubbing contact whatsoever will affect the packing quality.

One more proof of AmbaFlex's leading position in Spiral Conveyor Solutions!

AmbaFlex AccuVeyor AVS - Accumulator / Buffer