A clear view for coolant-intensive machining

Supplier: Dimac Tooling
23 January, 2012

Observing the actual machining process in the CNC machine without being impacted by coolant or chips can optimise manufacturers processes and improve working ergonomics and productivity.

Especially during intensive coolant use, clear visibility can increase workers productivity by reducing the time taken for set-up and prove-out.  

Modern machines prevent the door being opened during operation for safety reasons, which makes it difficult for operators to view operations and cutting conditions. Despite high quality coating of the machine windows and modern machine tool design, they still need a 'windscreen wiper', a spin window or rotary wiper, which cleans the window by centrifugal forces.

Dimac Tooling offers the integration of one of the most modern intelligent spin window solutions, the Pioneer rotary wiper spin window.  The spin window is designed to provide visibility into machines with coolant system pressures of up to 80 bar, such as those found on through-tool coolant delivery systems. It comes standard with carbon-coated glass for resistance to chip activity and low maintenance cost.

A spinning disk is mounted on the machine side, giving clear vision to the process by its high rotational speed (2000 rpm). The window features a built-in chip protection with specially designed base and disc ring.
Normal installation requires no holes in the machine tool window and increases the life of polycarbonate safety panels. A high-tech adhesive sheet is used for bonding the spin window to the desired position. Additionally, the systems help address safety concerns because users have no need to bypass machine interlocks. Operators can view the process while remaining behind the safety window of the machine.

The compressed-air-driven spin windows are suitable for all types of CNC milling machines, lathes and machining centres, both in original equipment and for retrofitting. Simple installation and optimum maintenance due to modular design reduce the costs.