A better way to show they belong and add benefits

Your organisation values its members and there is no better way to give them a sense of belonging than a professional plastic membership card with your logo.

It also enables you to check who they are if they are on site for training, meetings, an AGM or other function.

You might also want to offer discounts or shopping benefits and it is important that members are able to provide recognisable proof of their membership. PPC card printers give you the ability to produce a range of ID cards to suit your needs, incorporating membership details from your database.

With PPC card printers now under $2000, it’s an affordable and professional way to give a sense of belonging and to provide a secure identity check.

The advantages of printing your own cards with PPC

  • Professional, individual membership cards overprinted with membership name, number and other details
  • Easy to incorporate your own logo, colours and designs
  • Compact on-site printer that puts control in your hands
  • Simple for all administration staff to operate
  • Option to include photo ID or enhanced security features
  • Range of coloured cards for overprinting, including gold and silver
  • PPC support to get you started.