3 security best practices to go with your new ID card printer

Both private and public organisations are constantly trying to stay ahead of security threats. From protecting identities to making sure ID badges are physically ubiquitous, organisations are working to optimise their security systems.

In conjunction with purchasing an ID card printer, there are a range of security best practices that can be implemented to improve threat protection.

1. Layered security thinking

Much like a printed ID card, security systems need to use multiple security measures. A single safeguard is not entirely capable of defending against all types of threats.

Instead, protection architects should work a range of security features into the system they are designing.

For instance, having a smart card with with a HoloKote security watermark is a good start. But by coupling this with a routine identification process, which uses more than just the card's physical characteristics, it can improve the chances of detecting intruders.

2. Align security teams

Although an organisation may have a strong mix of security features in place, if they are not properly synchronised with each other they will not do their job.

Make sure business operations are integrated into the security system. Failure to combine it with other processes will lead to a scenario whereby security becomes bolt on. In other words, rather than integral parts of a holistic system, bolted-on security systems are perceived as obstacles to commercial activities.

3. Segment

According to Tom Olzak's book, Enterprise Security: A practitioner's guide, segmentation is an important strategy because it slows down unlawful users, forcing them to break down security mechnisms rather than circumnavigating them. It can also help reduce packet-sniffing and may raise threat agent work.

Splitting a security system into segments allows quicker access to more accurate information on the types, number and locations of intruders. With this data, security teams are in a much better position to respond to breaches, attacks or threats.

Utilising security best practices alongside ID cards is an excellent approach to safeguarding an organisations information. Get in touch with experienced ID printer specialists to find out more.