Why you need an automatic checkweigher

Supplier: Able Scale Co By: Paul Sinclair - Able Scale Co.
23 May, 2016

Are you meeting your requirements to supply correct weight products to supermarkets? An automatic check weigher is the answer.

Most major supermarkets now require their suppliers to check weigh all of their products to ensure that no under-weight products are supplied.

Gone are the days when 1 in 10 of your products were tested. Now all must comply with the supermarket standards, or risk rejection or loss of contract.

So how do you comply? An automatic check weigher is your best option.

The benefits of are check weigher are many:

  • Less overweight products and giveaway, which affects your bottom line.
  • No underweight products, to comply with supermarket requirements
  • Labour saving, due to the speed and efficiency
  • Automatic rejection of over/under weight product, which can then be repacked to a closer target weight.
  • Packing staff are often paid by the pack and therefore speed of packing is paramount to them. But this can be detrimental to the business owner due to more product giveaway. It is often the case that the packer will not repack an overweight item, to bring it within the target range, because they want to move onto the next pack.

The A&D EziCheck is the ideal solution. With its unique modular design, colour touch screen display, and high speed processing the EziCheck is able to handle up to 320 packs per minute.

The A&D EziCheck offers you quality, performance, and the flexibility to grow as your business grows, and is backed up with local service.

If you are interested in a demonstration, or would like to know more on how a check weigher would work for your business, then please give Able Scale a call on 1300 731 360.