Why slip up when you can take ergonomics in action?

Injury Hot Spots
Injury Hot Spots
03 Aug 2021

Workplace injuries are estimated to set Australian economy back over $60.6 billion, with enormous direct costs involved and yet the injuries just keep on coming.

According to Safe Work Australia, estimations show work-related injuries cost the Australian economy $60.6 billion.

The report said the cost was spread unevenly through the economy, with workers bearing 74 per cent of the cost, the community 21 per cent and employers five per cent.

While the figures appear beyond belief, according to Nathan Horsfall, director of Australian Materials Handling Specialist, the reason people don't take ergonomic measures more seriously is because people aren't being proactive enough.

Why make employees suffer when Optimum Handling Solutions offers equipment to make lifting, shifting and stacking easy? Optimum Handling Solutions live up to their slogan of "ergonomics in action".

The director of Optimum Handling Solutions indicated that the report said injured workers' costs included lost income and non-compensated medical expenses; community costs included social welfare payments, medical and health scheme costs and lost potential output and revenue; and employers' costs included lost productivity, recruitment and retraining costs and fines, and penalties for breaching work health and safety laws

According to statistics, it doesn't take into account indirect costs; only a minor percentage of the costs are covered under insurance.

Horsfall told IndustrySearch all proprietors, employers and companies must not assume workers' compensation insurance is going to have them completely protected or covered when an incident arises.

People need to act now: Optimum Handling Solutions are in the materials handling business, which materials handling will always be needed, however the figures of slip-up and fall occurrences needs to be addressed to reduce the figures.

The highest hot spots injury is the "back" which is muscle stress/strain from bending over or lifting heavy materials. This figure is 20 per cent coming in far higher than other injuries.

Optimum Handling Solutions are committed to the promotion of ergonomics in the workplace.

Horsfall says when an incident happens, persons have to respond to it; but for all, prevention is better than cure.

"Once an accident occurs if you can prove that you've taken actions to prevent injury that has occurred then you are adequate, but if you haven't you have a problem," said Horsfall.

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