Why SlimWall is the fencing product of choice

Supplier: Modular Wall Systems
11 February, 2013

SlimWall is the fencing product of choice for landscaping professionals and Shaun Hayden is the Trade Partner Consultant for SlimWall Designer Fencing.

Having worked for Modular Wall Systems (the inventors and  manufacturers of SlimWall) many years, and
having personally installed many walls and fences during that time, Shaun is happy to  answer any SlimWall questions.        

Are you a fencer or landscapers looking for exciting new fencing ideas? 

Here’s one option you do not want to miss.

I work with fencers, landscapers and handymen on a daily basis. I meet them at trade shows, on site and at their offices. One thing that I know about tradesmen is that they are down to earth and creative at the same time (a special combination of skills not always found elsewhere). They take pride in their work and are always on the lookout for new products that are easy to work with, that are cost effective and offer added value to their customers or projects. Even before we were manufacturing SlimWall I received regular phone calls asking about a slimmer type of modular wall that would work as a fencing alternative. The need for something more appealing than colorbond, timber fencing or other traditional options had been there for quite some time.

At Modular Wall Systems, the industry leader in acoustic and boundary walls, we challenged ourselves to launch a stylish, premium modular fencing product with acoustic qualities. Earlier in 2012, SlimWall Designer Fencing was introduced. It has proven to be the sought after fencing alternative that fencers, landscapers and handymen were looking for.

Perfect as a general garden fence, front fence, feature wall and acoustic fence, the SlimWall Modular Fencing System is popular because it can be finished to seamlessly match the look and architectural integrity of any home. For fencers and landscapers looking to extend the scope of their business with a stylish fencing solution that is lightweight, easy to install and that requires no heavy machinery, SlimWall is the popular choice.

Apart from stylish design, SlimWall offers many other advantages:

  • Ease of use: SlimWall is lightweight, installed within a day and ready to accept wiring.
  • Versatility: SlimWall is easily customised with gates, slats and lighting. The fence can be finished with an acrylic paint, texture paint, acrylic render finish and even stone cladding to seamlessly match the overall look and feel of the landscaping project. SlimWall is available in various heights.
  • Last minute opportunity: The installation of a SlimWall Designer Fence is hassle free. This means that the wall can be added at any stage of the project, even at the last minute, without disturbing landscaping work that was done previously. SlimWall is ideal for those tight areas in the garden and can be used on level and sloping sites.
  • Reduces neighbourhood and road noise: SlimWall uses fence panels that have been National Acoustic Laboratory tested and rated. Up to a fourfold audible reduction in traffic and neighbour noise can be expected.
  • Strong and durable: Precision engineering combined with composite panel technology provides a strong, durable, rigid but light weight fence that is virtually maintenance free.
  • Full support: SlimWall Designer Fencing stands for unrivalled customer service, providing a dedicated support team, technical documents and drawings for various project solutions.