Why monitoring oil condition is so important

Supplier: Clean Oil Services
01 October, 2010

Note from Power Station Foreman at Gold Mine in response to our notification of a problem found from analysing a scheduled oil sample taken from the Power Station Genset.

"Thank you for alerting me yesterday to the problem with oil Sample 120. Another sample has been taken and on its way to you. We discovered this morning a cracked air cleaner housing and I believe this is most likely the cause of the problem. Repairs are currently being made. Air filter housing is being repaired, engine oil and all air and lube filters are being changed

………. All oil samples taken up until the most recent one show the oil condition as being satisfactory. The sample of concern showing high levels of contamination and unidentified wear metal was Sample 120 and I was notified by phone of this by Clean Oil Services Lab……….

I believe the sudden increase in dust in the enclosure from mid Dec-2008 can explain the sudden increase of contamination found in Sample 120 from 01/01/09. The crack in the air filter housing has most likely been developing for some time. But as the air in the generator enclosure was a lot cleaner before work began on the enclosure ventilation system, prior Samples did not show any noticeable increases in contamination."

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