Why do we need antislip stair nosings?

Supplier: Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces By: Darrell Brown
04 September, 2019

To prevent a slip, trip, stumble, tumble or fall on entries, stairs, steps, stairwells, landings, platforms, gantries, ramps, walkways, and ladder rungs!

Non-slip stair nosings are more than just a decoration on the leading edge of a step.

Nonslip stair nosings provide a number of safety functions for pedestrians as well as continuing to maintain the integrity of the step tread's front edge.

They can offer greater visibility in low light conditions, enhance the durability of the step tread, reduce wear patterns on the leading edge and assist people with visual impairments. (as required in AS1428)

So, what are stair nosings? Why do we need them? and, What type of nosing is best?

The elements of a set of stairs are the riser, the tread and the nosing which is either incorporated into the tread or is retrofitted on the leading edge of the tread.

Stair Nosings are sometimes referred to as step nosings, step treads, stair capping, stair treads, bull nosings, offshore nosing, step edging etc.

There are a few other terms used to describe antislip stair nosing, some of which are not as common, are buzzwords or industry sector jargon, expressions such as 'leading-edge safety highlighter'.

Metal backed antislip stair nosings make up a majority of the types of stair safety products currently available in the market, since the metal foundation can be either extruded or cut and shaped from a flat metal sheet to suit the style of the tread, keeping it thin enough so it doesn't sit too proud of the tread.

When contemplating the type of stair nosing that will best fit your safety needs, look for factors such as durability, resilience, effective traction, aesthetic properties and value for money.

Unlike other types of non slip nosing products that may crack, become brittle, need time to cure, peel or delaminate, Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces' Class One metal backed antislip stair nosings are manufactured ready to install and available to use quickly, so there is no inconvenience to pedestrians that need to access to that particular thoroughfare.

The modest act of adding quality Advance Anti-Slip non-slip stair nosings to a tread can help prevent slips, trips, stumbles, tumbles and falls. Antislip stair nosings add a high degree of secure mobility when ascending and descending a staircase, and help prolong the wear of both step treads and any other floor covering product that might be used on the stairway.

Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces is the foremost Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of a range of essential Class One metal backed safety products and nonslip self-adhesive tapes.

These products are used primarily in the mining, marine, petrochemical, construction, food, beverage and manufacturing industries, to solve problems relating to slips, trips, stumbles, tumbles and falls on stairs, landings, platforms, ramps, walkways and ladders.

Our nonslip products comply with national and international compliance requirements for quality, performance and safety.

We consistently prove our commitment to all industry sectors by only producing the most cost-effective, highest quality antislip products available, backed by an extensive warranty.