07 May 2020


The Facility:

Whitsunday Apartments is a resort hotel located on Hamilton Islany.



The exisiting lightning protection system installed on the building suffered a fatal failure. The system was a very old EF system which had a mast failure. The mast was a FRP mast with guy wires. The system was well and  truelly past its use by date.



A PREVECTRON TS25 ESEAT terminal was installed, mounted on a 5 meter high tensile, marine grade spun aluminium mast rated for 69 m/p/s wind speed (Cyclone rated), located on the lift overrun.



Only a few weeks later the island was smashed by Cyclone Debbie resulting in significant damage to all buildings on the island. We contacted the hotel recently to ask how the system weathered the cyclone. The system had weathered the storm very well. Following is an excert fromt he comments received back from the hotel;


The lightning Rod stood tall and straight throughout the cyclone, not a problem with it.

The waterproofing around it tore off but the mounting was fine.

The Metal sheeting around the lift shaft where the Lightning Rod is ripped off but the Rod stood tall.

When the Electrician came the next day the first thing he asked was “Is the Lightning Rod still up?”

So in the end it did really well.


The system stood proud in full operational condition while the rest of the roof suffered damage.