Galvanised steel is steel that has undergone chemical processing in order to make it corrosion resistant. It is ideal for wet environments.

Galvanised trolleys are coated with layers of zinc oxide which provide a protective surface that can protect the metal from rusting and give it a more durable and scratch free finish.

There are a few methods that can be used to create this product; we use the most popular - hot-dipped galvanisation.

In this method, the galvanized steel is created from submerging the steel into melted zinc. This process allows the zinc to permanently bond to the metal, not only on the surface, but within the steel itself, making a secure and complete bond.

Galvanisation can be incredibly beneficial to the steel as the layer of zinc protects the metal in two main ways.

First, through fighting of rust, and then by providing an extra layer the rust must go through if it becomes contaminated.

Rust can be easily caused by the iron in steel reacting with oxygen and water which will lead to the object deteriorating. With zinc coating, it is harder for these elements to cause such a reaction. If however, it does manage to become corroded, the zinc layer will be damaged first, providing a longer lasting product.

Galvanisation needs to be done correctly though and if done incorrectly, for example if they are cooled to quickly, the zinc has the possibility of peeling or chipping off.

Like all metals and materials, zinc will wear eventually, and this can occur more quickly in situations where it might be exposed to the elements frequently, such as rain or salt water, so they should be regularly checked on when in use in such situations.

When done right, and applied in the right way, galvanised steel is the perfect option in wet environments which is why Wagen has a selection of outdoor use trolleys made from galvanised steel such as our removalist trolleys.  Want more than one trolley - click here to check out our trolley packages. Remember Wagen are giving away a FREE Hi Viz jacket with every purchase in March