If you work in an industry that regularly uses hazardous chemicals, oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons you must be prepared should one of those materials spill or leak.

spill kit is the equipment used to contain, control and clean up any leak or spill of hydrocarbons or hazardous chemicals no matter how big or small.

Spills and leaks can occur at any time and to the most experienced technician. It is crucial that your business is well prepared as spills can cause injury, harm and even death.

The spill kit is generally used in line with a spill response procedure which is designed to ensure that the spill is cleaned up in the most efficient and effective way, whilst maintaining the safety of colleagues and patrons. In most jurisdictions around the nation spill kits are a legal requirement and form part of the safety and environmental procedures when handling dangerous liquids. It is possible that your business could be fined for not abiding by these legal requirements.

Spill kits can be found in many business and industries, you can expect to find spill kits in warehouses, transport, laboratories, production and manufacturing, restaurants, docks, marinas and other commercial industries. However, spill kits are designed as a spill response product. All hazardous substances should always be handled by a trained professional and with the utmost care in order to minimise the chance of a spill.

To ensure the safety of yourself and others in the case of a spill or when using a spill kit, your work area should permanently contain a safety shower and eyewash station compliant with AS4775:2007 as a minimum precaution. All staff should be trained on how to use these appropriately and how to assist a colleague who may need to use one in the case of any emergency.

There are many benefits to having a good quality spill kit on hand and using it in the instance of a hazardous chemical spill.

Spill kits can be customised to your needs and come in a variety of sizes and absorbency levels that will soak up and contain a leakage or spill. The varying types of sorbents can be used for oil spills in water as well as spills on general surfaces such as concrete.

Spill kits are designed to ensure your business complies with the relevant Work Health and Safety and pollution prevention regulations of your state or territory.

The biggest benefit to having and utilising a spill kit is the safety and security it brings to those working in the area, people deserve to feel safe at work and you never know if or a when a potentially harmful spill may occur that could threaten the safety of personnel.

Spill kits also help businesses to minimise costs in the event of a spill incident. Spill kits are a cost effective alternative to the extra expenditure that would occur if you had to outsource the control and cleanup of a hazardous material spill.

Having and utilising a spill kit is much like any other equipment your business may have and use. It is essential that the relevant staff familiarise themselves with the kit, how it works and the types of spills it is suitable for. Contact Spill Station Australia today for more information on our accredited spill response training.

Maintenance of emergency and safety equipment is mandated in the WHS regulations. This obligation can be met and coordinated through the Spill Station service team.  

When properly used a spill kit it is an essential safety measure that can protect against harm to people, property and the environment.