Welding gases hose reels - Safety First

Supplier: ReCoila Hose and Cord Reels
06 March, 2007

SAFETY was the key issue in ReCoila engineers designing its new range of Composite welding gases hose reels with an innovative external swivel - a world first in composite welding gases hose reels

Welding gases, in particular Acetylene, are extremely flammible and damaged hoses present extreme fire danger.

The use of hose reels reduces the incidence of damage to hoses and hence reduces the potential of fire or explosion in the workplace

The new ReCoila oxy-acetylene hose reels have the swivel fitted EXTERNALLY rather than internally ( all other manufacturers of PVC oxy-acetylene hose reels have internal swivels).

ReCoila models OA615 and OA68 hose reels are fitted with twin oxy-acetylene hose for use in heating, cutting, welding, brazing, soldering etc. keeping the hoses safely protected when not in use.

Seals in swivels used in oxy-acetylene hose reels need to be serviced regularly to reduce the potential of leaks – the regularity is dependent on cyclic usage however ReCoila recommends a minimum of 12 months between servicing of the o-ring seals.

A major problem with internal swivels used in oxy-acetylene hose reels is that the swivel is unseen (out of sight – out of mind) and hence often can be the case where swivel maintenance is not done regularly.

When leaks do occur in oxy-acetylene hose reels it is usually the case that ignition of the leaking acetylene, an extremely flammable gas, is caused by sparks often from grinding in the near vicinity. Small leaks when ignited result in a small flame emanating from the swivel (similar to a pilot light in a gas heater) – this small flame is unseen until at some point the hose reel material (PVC) eventually begins to melt and burn slowly – from the inside out! At which point the damage is done and the possibility of explosion increases. ReCoila uses fire retardants in its PVC case construction so melting is more likely than a raging fire.

The advantages of the external swivel on the ReCoila oxy-acetylene hose reels are, firstly the swivel is in full view hence a reminder to service the seals – secondly if a leak does occur it is external to the reel, can be seen quite clearly and hence can be quickly attended to.

ReCoila – safety first in oxy-acetylene hose reels.

As with all ReCoila hose reels, the oxy-acetylene model hose reels are constructed using the best quality materials available. The reels are made of U.V. stabilized copolymer poly-propylene which is resistant to acids, alkalis and a large range of chemicals and include fire retardants  - additionally these hose reels use full bore, full flow solid brass swivels and the highest quality finished edge spring for maximum durability, unparalleled performance and longevity.

All ReCoila hose reels are backed with a 5 year warranty (conditions apply) – a testament to the superior quality of ReCoila hose reels made right here where the buck stops – Australia.