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Supplier: Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces By: Darrell Brown
06 February, 2020

Every step forward should be a safe one. All pedestrians should have every confidence, when walking around a work area, that they will not sustain an injury due to slippery surfaces.

With every step you take, you can be assured of maximum safety and reliability while walking on an Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces non-slip product.

Every entranceway, stair, step, stairwell, landing, platform, gantry, ramp, walkway and ladder or pedestrian access area presents a risk of a slip, stumble, trip, tumble, or a fall accident.

All accidents are preventable through a rigorous hazard identification and risk assessment process. Conducting regular checks of all pedestrian walkways and access areas is a step towards a safer workplace.

Our free ’10 Steps to a Safe Non-Slip workplace’ poster is an excellent guide and is available in A3 sizing – want a copy? Let us know and we’ll send them out to you.

Advances in technology over the past 30 years, have seen our initial products develop into an exceptional nonslip range that provides the type of grip needed on all pedestrian access areas to enable people to navigate their way around any place of work with confidence. So that every step forward is a safe one.

Advance Anti-Slip products are designed to provide superior traction and durability to keep people safe – indefinitely.

Our customers benefit from Advance’s proprietary process of laminated textile composition, carborundum grit and our superior resin coating to form a robust and long lasting non slip surface. We consistently prove our commitment to our customers by only producing the highest quality anti slip products available and backing them with an extensive warranty.

Installing Advance Anti-Slip nonslip products will maximise pedestrian safety and prevent many of the incidents and injuries that lead to a reduction in productivity and an increase in injury statistics.

Insist on genuine Advance Anti-Slip products to keep everyone safe, so that you’ll be that one step ahead!

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