Voice Solutions with Wearable Displays

Supplier: RF Barcode Systems By: Timothy Muir
15 October, 2015

Vocollect Voice applications can now be enhanced with the addition of wearable displays...

In most applications of voice technology, workers follow verbal directions to pick up and deliver stock from one location to another. In other areas of the warehouse, however, workers may need more information than a verbal instruction can provide.

Container unloading/receiving is a good example of this need. If all of the cartons to be received contain a barcode, the user can use a wearable scanner to record incoming items and be directed to a pallet using voice. But what if the barcode on the item is missing? For these instances, it makes sense for the worker to refer to a list of items in the shipping container.

With the release of the VoiceCatalyst platform on the A500 and A700 series of voice computers, Vocollect have enabled pickers to gain access to additional information using wearable screens. The screen is worn on the wrist, and can be referred to if needed, allowing the worker to access additional information about a task (for example, searching by description and selecting a stock code to receive).

In the past, it was considered that complex processes requiring some screen-time were best performed on a hand-held scanner. But today, with the VoiceArtisan platform, a Vocollect A730 and a wearable screen, workers can complete complex tasks in a hands-free manner.